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1.  Chemical Organization:  outline
2.  Fluid and Electrolyte Balance: outline
3.  Structure and Function Body:  Basic -- outline
4.  Organ Systems of the Body:  outline
5.  Cells and Tissues:  outline
6.  Research on Massage: Techniques and Procedures
7.  Mechanisms of Disease: outline
8.  Integumentary System:  outline
9.  Bones and Landmarks:  the human body Kinesiology

Anatomy and Physiology


Check out the study guides available in this list.  

SOME VIDEOS ON INTRO TO AnP:  these videos are from McGraw-Hill, a very reputable publisher of texts.  They give an overview of the topic and then provide a quiz so that you can see how much you retained of the subject they cover.  Each one I have listed is a topic in the Massage Therapy Body of Knowledge and therefore something that presumably might how up on your MBLEx.



TOPICS TO REVIEW:  Study aids  for various body systems
and physiologic mechanisms -- animations, quizzes, flashcard
exercises, crosswords

1.  Embryology
2.   Tissues
3.   Integumentary System
4.   Cartilage, Bone, Connective Tissue
5.   Axial Skeleton
6.   Appendicular Skeleton
 7.   Articulations
8.    Muscle and Tissue Organization
9.    Axial Muscles
10.  Appendicular Muscles
11.  Surface Anatomy
12.   Nervous System
13.   Brain and Cranial Nerves
14.   Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves
15.   Pathways and Integrative Functions
16.   Autonomic Nervous System
17.   Senses: General and Special
18.   Endocrine System
19.   Blood
20.   Heart
21.   Vessels and Circulation
22.   Lymphatics
23.   Respiration
24.   Digestion
25.   Urinary System
26.   Reproductive System

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