This video is about puritis, a common skin malady and one you wil run into.  Puritis is a general term for ITCH!!  It can result in many different issues for the person who has it.  This vidieo is worth a watch.  It is from UCAL and is soundly scientific.


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1.  Respiratory system

2. The digestive system

3.  The urinary system

4.  The reproductive system

These files in the last group are all PDF files.  You can download them to adobe reader on your computer easily.

1.  Pharmacology

2. Medical Equipment/Procedure

Good resource for your practice.  I intend to leave this website up and the content available to all my students, so if you keep a computer in your office, these files will be available for informational purposes.


Notes from the second patho class: musculo-skeletal pathology

1.  Musculoskeletal pathology: powerpoint

2.  Musc/Skel lecture notes: Word

3.  Extended Muscle/Skeletal Info: Word


Notes, etc. from first patho class: integumentary system pathology

Syllabus: Pathology Night Class 2012

1.  integpatho.pdf

2.  INTEGSYSTEM2salvowith notes.pptx

3. Integumentary System Conditions ch2.doc 




Third Pathology Class: the nervous

1. Nervous system: Powerpoint

2. Nervous system: PDF

3. Nervous system: commentary on the

powerpoint presentation

4. GAS: notes on General Adaptation

5.  Nervous system lecture outline

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Endocrine System:  Pathology

1. Endocrine Powerpoint
2. Endocrine PDF
3. Endocrine, lecture notes
 4. Endocrine, powerpoint notes


CardioVascular/Lymph: Pathology

1. Powerpoint Cardio
2. Powerpoint Lymph
3. Notes: Cardio
4. Notes: Lecture
5. PDF: Cardio
6. PDF: lymph
7. Notes: Lymph
8. PathoLecture: lymph/immune Cardio
9. edema vs. lymphedema
10. edema and lymphedema compared
lymphatic obstruction